Friday, January 13, 2012

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Just finally saw one of my most anticipated films of the past year or so, We Need To Talk About Kevin.

I was wild about the structure and the way the story was able to still shock me despite how much I had heard and read about it. Tilda's performance was as good as I was expecting - which says quite a lot.

I wasn't sure what they were trying to say by making the kid so one-dimensionally evil - almost in a stereotypical or horror-movie way. I wanted to feel more conflicted about her parenting. Maybe it reflects poorly on me that I didn't not find much complexity in the mother/son relationship.

Any hesitations like that are so far outweighed by how gripped I was by the journey of the main character, especially because of the way the story is told. Also I can't not mention how much I loved the music which added a curious extra layer.

It wasn't as disturbing as I was expecting. Am I truly fucked up, or just becoming more desensitized?

Did anyone read the book? How do you find it compares?

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  1. There were some really great scenes, like the one at the end where she was talking to Kevin. I think the movie had so much potential to really be an interesting character study about this woman, but to me it didn't really go there. It was just sort of lifeless. Tilda was great though, obviously. But the child Kevin felt like a cartoon character. Not evil enough to be scary, he just kinda seemed like an annoying little prick. I almost LOL'd a number of times actually when Jelske doing things that were just so ridiculously one-dimensional. I think that really took me out of the movie.