Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Movie Goals

Last year when I started my blog, I created a list of 2012 movie goals. I did pretty well. 

I either set the bar too low, though, or over-committed to the cause, seeing as I saw not the 200 films I aimed for but rather over 350 films in theaters.

So, I'm kicking it up a notch this year. Obviously.  I'm breaking my resolutions out into four categories:

Film By Numbers

I will see 365 films in theaters this year, including first run and repertory

This must include at least:
50 films at Sundance
10 films at Rendezvous with French Cinema
35 films at SXSW
10 films at Full Frame
15 films at Tribeca
20 films at Hot Docs
40 films at TIFF
10 films at NYFF
20 films at Fantastic Fest
10 films at DOC NYC

60 older movies (not first run)
Including the above (and beyond), I wiill see at least 60 films at The IFC Center.

On Location:

I will visit the theater I failed to pay a first visit to in 2012: Maysles Institute

I will also get around to visiting these places:
Cinefamily (in Los Angeles)

Better Late than Never:

A few years ago I saw like, zero genre film.  Sci-fi, horror, action, not for me. I came 'round on that one, thanks to TIFF Midnight Madness, Fantastic Fest, etc.

I'm still embarrassingly uninformed when it comes to another genre, though.  For lack of a better way to phrase this: I need to see more Asian films.  Here are the ways I will support this resolution:

* I will re-watch In The Mood for Love. On Criterion Blu.
* I will attend the New York Asian Film Festival for the first time in 2013.
* I will watch at least ten Asian films from the 250 Top Critics Films  at Sight & Sound (suggestions welcome!) 


I will keep track not just of my theatrical experiences but also I will log my (hopefully increasing) at-home viewing

I will change the way I write about movies on my blog a bit in that I may write less about festival films and more about NYC rep and first run theatrical releases.  Or I may not write much at all.  We'll see.


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