Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Sundance impressions - Ai Wei Wei, Grabbers, Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

I had this movie on my list the entire festival but I kept missing it. This usually works to my disadvantage because I hear things about a movie - either positive or negative - that shape my expectations. In this case, it may have actually worked to my advantage, because so many people I know were underwhelmed by the movie.

I liked it! I was engaged the entire time. The performances were good, the story was interesting, I bought it, I didn't know what was coming next - no complaints at all! This further solidifies the fact that Eef and I agree on almost NO movies. I MISS YOU, SHIRI! My movie twin. Wish YOU were here. Har, har.

Ai Wei Wei - Never Sorry

I'll admit I knew next to nothing about this artist before I saw the movie, outside of some of the basics of his recent detainment. So, I really enjoyed this glimpse into the personal life and career of China's most prolific artist and activist. Because I am neither an artist nor an activist but I am most definitely a cat lover, I appreciated the fact that it seemed like nearly every shot of the film contained a cat - the man owns 40+ house cats at his home studio - and there was even a shot in the beginning of a cat who learned to open doors using the handle. In all seriousness, I loved how the movie used social media graphics (particularly Twitter) to help both move the narrative along and illustrate this man's popularity among the masses. And all the museum footage actually inspired me (yes, me, philistine extraordinaire) to want to go home and buy a membership to the MoMA.


Folks who know me very well might think I had made up the name of this movie during a sleepy haze, because I am notorious for adding "-ers" to the end of silly words. Alas I cannot take the credit for naming this fun, adventurous, hilarious Irish movie, all about alien sea monsters invading a picturesque island port. Did I mention that that the monsters kill by drinking blood, and they're poisoned by alcohol, so the only way to fend off the beasts is by getting shit-faced? This is the kind of armageddon I hope befalls me later in life.

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