Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shut Up & Play the Hits, This Must Be The Place = 2 movies I also saw today.

It was another six-movie day.  If you were to meet me at this hour I'm not sure I could tell you my name.  I am fuckkkkked up tired, y'all.  But, I am staying awake during the movies for the most part, and I am in good spirits.  Can't believe the festival is already winding down.  Although at the same time it feels like a month ago that we were watching Queen of Versailles on opening night. Anyway - here's how these last two movies fared with me.

This Must Be The Place

I was not also planning on seeing this one since it was a late addition and I didn't even read about it until today.  But, they had me at FRANCES MCDORMAND.  Obviously.  From there, I was intrigued by the idea of Sean Penn playing an aging goth rocker.    What a bizarre movie, y'all.  I laughed a lot, especially during the first half, but I'm not sure if it's because it was funny or because of the shock of seeing Sean Penn in eyeliner and lipstick talking in his I Am Sam voice.  I *think* I enjoyed it - but I also think it went very down-hill once his road trip started. Oh yeah, did I mention this weirdo goth guy is on a quest to track down his late father's nazi persecutor? Even though it did get worse the longer I watched it, I'm indeed glad that I saw it and I might even recommend others seek it out, if only to be able to discuss it with me, please!

Shut Up and Play the Hits

I haven't bought (or downloaded) a new album since the late '90s.  I'm regularly teased for this.  So it should go without saying that I both missed the farewell LCD Soundsystem show in NYC and really wasn't that familiar with their music to begin with . I wanted to see this one solely because I knew my friend John would kill me if I didn't, since he loves them.

That same friend John as well as my friend Ahmad were in the front row of the show they filmed to make this movie.  They were featured in so many shots that I felt like I was watching a documentary of John and Ahmad going to a show.  It made me happy. At one point during a song which may be called North American Scum they had such a great shot of Ahmad that I was applauding and grinning and people were looking at me funny as I watched.

Aside from the John & Ahmad stuff which was of course utterly enjoyable, I thought the movie stood very well on its own even for a non-fan.   I loved how along with the actual concert shots, they interspersed interview footage (from an interview conducted at the Spotted Pig I see) and just some slice of life stuff from James' day or two following the last show.   Add to this the fact that it was all filmed in NYC, and heavily featured two of my dearest friends - I can safely say this movie made me start getting a little homesick!

Tomorrow is another six movie day ... cry........

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  1. I can't wait to see it. James was crying throughout much of the encore, as were a number of the other bandmates. Cool that there's footage from after the last show. Thanks Dor!