Sunday, January 15, 2012


Finally caught Carnage, at the Angelika on Saturday afternoon..  After seeing the trailer no fewer than 35,205 times, and after meaning to catch the Broadway show (but failing to actually do so), I'm glad to have caught this one at least in one form.

How was it? I liked it. I laughed - more than once. Considering I saw the movie by myself, that's kind of a feat.  I would say it's a smaller picture. Nothing you have to really go out of your way to catch on the big screen, for sure, but a nice little vehicle for all these big name players to show off a bit.

The part of me that cannot watch Seinfeld or The Office because of the sheer level of "AHHH, AWKWARD" that's involved in some of these conversations did need to look away for a bit. 

Ultimately I would recommend it for anyone who wants to enjoy something a little bit less mainstream (in that nothing blows up) that might make you think a *little* but not too terribly much.   But it's a solid rental, too.

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