Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TIFF Movies So Far


Mr. Turner
The Keeping Room
While We're Young

Very Good

Love & Mercy
Time Out of Mind
Bird People
Clouds of Sils Maria
A Second Chance
Two Days, One Night
The Price We Pay
Big Game
Return to Ithaca
Elephant Song
Red Amnesia


The Voices
Ruth & Alex
Do I Sound Gay?
Ned Rifle
Magical Girl
The Grump
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
St. Vincent
Maps to the Stars
Fires on the Plain
Learning to Drive
The Editor


The Humbling
My Old Lady


Adult Beginners

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#TIFF14: My Schedule

Here she is.  Total work in progress.

Red means I need tickets. Sell me your extra tickets!

4-Sep The Humbling Visa Screening Room 6:00 PM
4-Sep Clouds of Sils Maria POW 9:45 PM
5-Sep Eden Ryerson 5:45 PM
5-Sep Big Game Ryerson 12:00 AM
6-Sep Ruth & Alex Winter Garden 10:30 AM
6-Sep The Crow's Egg Scotiabank 3:00 PM
6-Sep Return to Ithaca Bader 7:00 PM
6-Sep The Grump Scotiabank 10:00 PM
7-Sep The Price We Pay Jackman Hall (AGO) 9:30 AM
7-Sep Do I Sound Gay Ryerson 12:00 PM
7-Sep Magical Girl Scotiabank 3:15 PM
7-Sep Ned Rifle Ryerson 6:00 PM
7-Sep Bird People Scotiabank 8:30 PM
8-Sep My Old Lady TIFF Bell Lightbox 9:15 AM
8-Sep Mardan TIFF Bell Lightbox 11:30 AM
8-Sep Time Out of Mind Scotiabank 2:00 PM
8-Sep Mr. Turner Visa Screening Room 5:45 PM
8-Sep The Keeping Room Visa Screening Room 9:15 PM
9-Sep Wild Visa Screening Room 11:30 AM
9-Sep Learning to Drive Visa Screening Room 2:30 PM
9-Sep A Second Chance Visa Screening Room 6:00 PM
9-Sep Mommy POW 9:30 PM
10-Sep The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness TIFF Bell Lightbox 9:15 AM
10-Sep Two Days, One Night TIFF Bell Lightbox 12:30 PM
10-Sep Maps to the Stars Visa Screening Room 2:30 PM
10-Sep Leviathan Visa Screening Room 6:00 PM
10-Sep Goodnight Mommy Scotiabank 9:30 PM
11-Sep While We're Young Visa Screening Room 11:30 AM
11-Sep Love & Mercy Visa Screening Room 2:30 PM
11-Sep Cub Scotiabank 8:30 PM
11-Sep The Editor Ryerson 12:00 AM
12-Sep October Gale TIFF Bell Lightbox 9:15 AM
12-Sep An Eye for Beauty Scotiabank 12:00 PM
12-Sep Red Amnesia TIFF Bell Lightbox 3:15 PM
12-Sep The Voices Bloor Hot Docs 6:00 PM
12-Sep Nighgcrawler Ryerson 9:00 PM
12-Sep What We Do in the Shadows Ryerson 12:00 AM
13-Sep Breathe Scotiabank 9:15 AM
13-Sep Adult Beginners Ryerson 12:00 PM
13-Sep The Drop POW 3:00 PM
13-Sep Men, Women & Children Ryerson 6:00 PM
13-Sep The World of Kanako Bloor Hot Docs 9:00 PM
14-Sep The Years of Fierro Bloor Hot Docs 9:45 AM
14-Sep The Look of Silence Bloor Hot Docs 12:30 PM
14-Sep X + Y Scotiabank 3:30 PM
14-Sep 1001 Grams TIFF Bell Lightbox 7:00 PM
14-Sep The Winter Sleep TIFF Bell Lightbox 9:00 PM