Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sundance Day 1 - Park City Snapshots

I am legit this year! Also, Matt finds a poster for a doc he is very excited to see.

Now I see I have tickets to the opening night party though I am not sure I will attend.

Killing time (time! Extra time! At Sundance!) waiting for Eef to arrive. Sitting on main street without my jacket on. Might get a tan, it's so nice here.

Drowning in Brita water bottles and missing my pal Shiri.


  1. jealous and wish i was there with you!!!
    Love those Brita bottles. love youe pass, did matt get one too?

  2. Matt didn't get a pass but he did get like 15 hard tickets. With my pass I got two fancy programs and two water bottles. Woot!

    1. very awesome!! enjoy the opening night. i have a date with Julie Andrews at Carnegie hall :)