Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Most Anticipated Sundance Films

Certainly no stranger to procrastination, I find myself on the flight to Salt Lake finally banging out a list of movies I'm most looking forward to. (God bless in flight wifi.)

Will these end up being my favorites? Unlikely. Keep in mind I purposely try to avoid reading too much about any title in advance because I like to be as surprised as I can going into the film. That's part of what I love about Sundance - lack of influence in advance. Few set expectations. 

In no particular order, the titles that I am looking forward to:

Nobody Walks -  He probably only has a small part, but I would watch Justin Kirk in a dramatic reading of the fine print on the bottle of my prescription generic adderall.  Hottest. Minnesotan. Ever. (And yes, I am including Josh Hartnett.)

Smashed - In the middle of probably the only ten days all year I won't be boozing it up, I'm excited to watch a relationship drama where alcoholism takes center stage.  Add to this cocktail the fact that Mary Kay Place co-stars? I'll drink to that.

Detropia - By the directors of Jesus Camp. Even though their sophomore effort (12th & Delaware) was only "very good" as opposed to the masterpiece of their first, I have incredibly high hopes.

The House I Live In - directed by Eugene Jarecki, one of the most articulate directors I've ever watched at a Q&A (when I saw his doc Why We Fight).  This is about the war on drugs.  Sundance isn't all parties and red carpets, y'all. I'm gonna learn shit.

The Ambassador - I have no idea what this documentary is about.  As I was choosing my films, I stopped reading the description and starred the hell out of it in my film guide after I read it was by the director of The Red Chapel.

Searching for Sugarman -  Not much to say other than the description in the film guide made it sound like a fascinating and satisfying story. 

Shorts Program III -  Just kidding. Not really. Judge me all you like -  I have no damned time to see shorts. Just wanted to check if you were paying attention. (That said, I do usually try and squeeze in the doc shorts and animation spotlight.)

Liberal Arts - Josh Radnor's newest. Screw you, haters -  I loved Happythankyoumoreplease.; This one looks great, too. <makes a face>

About Face - I was really hoping last year's Misrepresentation documentary would be the complex but overdue look how media/advertising shortchange woman and girls that it completely failed to be.   Even though  the structure and purpose of this film seems to be only vaguely related, I am looking to this film to introduce a level of artistry, subtlety and thoughtfulness to the topic of women in fashion.

Shut Up and Play the Hits - there's just nothing quite like the feeling of learning all about an awesome band through a music documentary released after they broke up.  (I'm talking to you, Who Took the Bomp)


  1. Mekado told me you should look out for this movie called "For a good time call..." He said it's by this awesome short-film director that is really talented, and this is his first feature.

  2. I just read about the new Lauren Greenfield doc called 'the queen of Versailles'. Looks great! Have fun Dor!!

  3. Ha, John, that film you mentioned is Canadian

  4. HEY, quit mocking the shorts!!!! loveu