Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sundance 2012 - Most Anticipated (NON-MOVIE VERSION)

As a way of procrastinating putting together a list of the movies most want to see, allow me to list everything else I am most looking forward to about Sundance.

* Hopefully not hating the Racquet Club anymore now that it's renovated

This article says it will be a "much better experience." And the ticket-holder line will be inside. Woo! But, we're back to a long-ass shuttle route.  Sacrifices.

* Chillin' with my pal Chase Whale .

He's a journalist, you know. 

* Two words:  new hat.

 * Never leaving the side of my dear sweet Efrain Schunior. Just try to separate us.

* Having actual tickets in advance for once in my life.

This year I sprung for a 20-pack of tickets. Not to mention an Adrenaline badge, which I'm sort of frightened of, actually. I'll still be relying on my awesome sign and devilish smile to get me into daytime movies for the second half of the festival, but I'm all set for the first five days.  Will I miss the stress trying to find tickets? Maybe my job can help me think of something to fill the "things to worry about" section of my brain, in between films. 

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