Monday, January 16, 2012

HOLY SHIT I'm Going To Die (AKA here is my Sundance schedule)

For the four people on earth who care about where I am going to be and when, after the jump you can peruse my schedule in details.


*The blue means I NEED A TICKET so...  Yeah.

* Who can think of any blaring omissions?  Or things on here I should avoid? Holla.

*  This is 54 movies, not including the last day.  What's more, I have scheduled myself for seven total days where I see six movies per day.  I am really hoping those super powers I ordered online arrive before I leave. Should have paid for expedited shipping.

Thursday 1/19:

Wish You Were Here, 6:30, Library Queen of Versailles, 6:00, Eccles
Hello I Must Be Going, 9:30, Eccles

Friday 1/20:

Searching for Sugarman, 9 AM, Yarrow
I Am Not a Hipster, 11:30 AM, Prospector
About the Pink Sky, 3 PM, Egyptian
Keep The Lights On, 8:30 PM, Library
The Pact, Midnight, Egyptian

Saturday 1/21:

Red Lights, 8:30 AM, MARC
Detropia, noon, Temple
Robot & Frank, 3:30, Eccles
My Best Day, 6 PM, Yarrow
Me at the Zoo, 9 PM, Temple
That's What She Said, 11:30, Prospector

Sunday 1/22:

The House I Live In, 9 AM, Egyptian
Pursuit of Loneliness, noon, Egyptian
Liberal Arts, 3:15, Eccles
Red Hook Summer, 6:15, Eccles
For A good Time, Call.... 9:45, Eccles
Shut Up and Play the Hits, Midnight, Egyptian

Monday 1/23:

Finding North, 9 AM, Temple
Corpo Celeste, Noon, Yarrow
Oslo, August 31st, 3 PM, Temple
Sleepwalk With Me, 5:30, Library
The End of Love, 8:30, MARC
Compliance, 11:30, Prospector

Tuesday, 1/24:

2 Days in NY, 9 AM, Eccles
Save the Date, 11:30, Library
Gypsy Davy, 3 PM, Yarrow
Ai WeiWei, 5:30, MARC
Love Free or Die, 8:30, Prospector
Wrong, midnight, Library

Wednesday, 1/25:

Goats, 9 AM, Eccles
Indie Game, 11:30, Prospector
The First Time, 2:30, MARC
Wish You Were Here, 5:30, Library
Nobody Walks, 8:30, MARC
Black Rock, midnight, Egyptian

Thursday, 1/26:

California Solo, 8:30 AM, MARC
About Face, 11:30, Library
The Comedy, 3 pm, Eccles
Teddy Bear, 5:30, Prospector
John Dies At the End, midnight, Library

Friday, 1/27:

L, 9:15, Holiday
For Ellen, 11:30, Library
Smashed, 3:30, Eccles
28 Hotel Rooms, 6 pm, Egyptian
Queen of Versailles, 8:30, Prospector
Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, midnight, Library

Saturday 1/28:

The Atomic States of America, 8:30 AM, prospector
The Invisible War, 11:30, Library
The Surrogate, 2:30, Library
Bachelorette, 5:30, Library
Arbitrage, 8:30, Prospector
V/H/S, 11:45, Library

Sunday 1/29

TBD! Between 3-4 movies, whatever wins that I haven't seen.


  1. yay for the Queen of Versailles add!!!! thats where i wanna be!!
    also glaring omission: Room 237, Monday @ Noon c u there

  2. Well let's see if i can really do it. I have some doubts. But I will have Vitamin C and such. So. I'm gonna try.