Monday, February 6, 2012

Chronicle. Or, a case for avoiding high school bullying at all costs.

Sometimes it's good when the local indie theater by your house isn't showing a damned thing you haven't already seen.

That way you can go to the mega monster multiplex in Times Square with your friend, and see the movie you know jack crap about but that virtually everyone on your Twitter is praising.

Tonight, Chronicle was that movie. @kirkland24 was that friend.

I liked! It was a ride. I couldn't help but put myself in the shoes of those kids, finding out that they all of a sudden could do what they couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams - control objects with their minds.

I liked how the movie focused on their discoveries on maximizing their new talents - the joy, the surprise, the plusses and the minuses that come along with great power, especially for those not necessarily emotionally ready to handle it.    As with hand-held footage (or "found" footage- sorta?) there were a COUPLE of "uh - really, you didn't shut the camera off yet" moments but they were really cleverly explained well in advance.

I do have to say I can't remember the last time I noticed product placement like I did here. It's no coincidence I left there wanting some Pringles, or Baskin Robbins.  Mmmm... ice cream.

Anyway - good fun, no complaints, would recommend. 

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  1. YESSSSS i'm so glad you saw this. i saw this yesterday and have such warm feelings about it! i thought the second act was probably the best second act of a film i can remember seeing in so long...really well paced, and sets up *everything* else so well. and Dane DeHaan is so much like a young Leonardo Dicaprio that it's scary.

    also yes about the pringles but i didn't notice Baskin Robbins. maybe i've officially stopped having dairy eyes.