Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bullhead - the Oscar Nominated Crazy intense Belgian film

I wasn't too sure about this one, going into it.  Nearly everyone I know who'd seen it was saying it was great, but hard to watch.

As the years pass, I'd like to think I've been better and better at stomaching the hard to watch. As soon as I discerned, in advance, that there was no animal violence to speak of in this story about a man who makes meat his career, I thought there was little else the movie could throw at me that would phase me.

Or. Not.  'Cause wow.  Wow! Yeah.

I've seen more disturbing movies in my life. And I've seen better films, this year, in the same Oscar category (:::coughASeparationcough:::).  But this movie will stick with me, for sure.

I brought someone who isn't really the same crazy movie person I am - and this movie not exactly being the latest Mission Impossible in terms of accessibility concerned me a bit.  But I was relieved on a couple fronts to learn I wasn't the only one amongst the two of us who really enjoyed this one.  Totally impressive, moving, strong character, compelling enough story.  Recommended to most. Not to my parents, but most others.


  1. I was on-board for this movie for at least an hour. I thought there was a lot of interesting stuff going on and was interested to see how it all came together. Then none of it did. It was a bunch of unresolved, half-assed plotlines that went nowhere. If it had just focused on the guy as a character study it could have been interesting. Or if it had just been a crime mystery it might have been compelling. So much of what actually happened was completely pointless to the end result. I didn't like it.

  2. Well said. I just watched it on DVD, not knowing as much as you did about the film. And I was shocked, but I also really enjoyed it. You did a good job of reviewing it without giving anything away.