Sunday, January 12, 2014

SUNDANCE HELP NEEDED: Anybody Have Any Extra Tickets?


I'm on a quest to see at least 50 films at Sundance this year. I've done this for the past several years (52 last year, 55 the year before), so I have no reason to think I can't achieve this again.


I'm not accredited this year.  I'm seeing only public screenings.  That's fine, because I actually prefer seeing films with a general audience.   But it means I've got some hustling to do.

I've got an Adrenaline Badge which gets me into the morning movies and the midnight movies, and guarantees very, very little sleep. But one doesn't go to Sundance to sleep, does one.

I also got a 20-pack of tickets for the first half.  I had a bit of bad luck in the ticket selection process, though.  Lots of sold out shows, even my second and third choices. Sad face. Determined face.

I'll try my luck in the public on-sale in a few days.  But I wonder now, and will continue to do so...


Maybe you thought you could go but you can't, or you got two for a friend, but your friend changed her mind?

Here's my entire schedule.  The ones in red are what I still need.   Yes, it is up to date.  I still need those ones in red.

[BUT DOR - WHY NOT TRY THE WAIT LIST?  Yes. I'll try.  But it's better to have a guaranteed ticket, especially considering that on five and six movie days there isn't enough time to wait in line.]

[CAN I SELL YOU MY TICKET FOR $100?  No, because as much as I really want to see all of these movies, I don't believe in scalping tickets at a film festival.]

Friday the 17th:

Whiplash at the Eccles at 9 AM
Stranger by the Lake at the Temple at noon
God’s Pocket at the Eccles at 3:30 PM (GODSP17CA)
Obvious Child at the Prospector at 5:45 PM (OBVIO17PE)
To Kill a Man at the Egyptian at 9 PM
The Guest at the Library at midnight

Saturday the 18th

Frank at the Eccles at 9 AM
Wish I Was Here at the MARC at 11:15 AM (WISHI18MD)
Drunktown’s Finest at the Yarrow at 3 PM
God Help the Girl at the Egyptian at 6 PM
To Be Takei at the Yarrow at 9 PM (TOBE18YN)
White Shadow at the Prospector at midnight

Sunday the 19th:

Young Ones at the Eccles at 9 AM
Fed Up at the MARC at 11:30 AM (FEDUP19MD)
Happy Valley at the MARC at 2:15 PM
Life Itself at the MARC at 5:15 PM 
Jamie Marks is Dead at the Library  at 8:30 PM (JAMIE19LN)

Monday the 20th:

Calvary at the Library at 8:30 AM
What We Do in the Shadows at the Prospector at 11:45 AM
The Foxy Merkins at the Prospector at 2:30 PM
My Prairie Home at the Prospector at 5:45 PM
No No – A Dockumentary at the Temple at 9 PM

Tuesday the 21st:

Song One at Prospector at 8:30 AM
War Story at the Library at 11:30 AM
Cooties at the MARC at 2:30 PM
Wetlands at the Prospector at 5:30 PM
The One I Love at the MARC at 8:30 PM (ONEIL21MN)
The Babadook at the Library at 11:45 PM

Wednesday the 22nd:

Hits at the Eccles at 9 AM
The Skeleton Twins at the Eccles at 12:15 PM (SKELE22CD)
Camp X-Ray at the MARC at 2:30 PM
Low Down at the Library at 9:30 PM
The Overnighters at the Library at 8:45 PM (OVERN22LN)
Life After Beth at the Library at 11:45

Thursday the 23rd:

Listen Up Philip at the Prospector at 8:30 AM
Infinity Polar Bear at the Prospector at 11:45 AM
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter at the Prospector at 2:30 PM 
Mr leos caraX at the Egyptian at 6 PM
The Internet’s Own Boy at the Prospector at 8:30 PM (INTER23PN)
Cold in July at the Library at 11:45 PM

Friday the 24th

I Origins at the Eccles at 9 AM
Appropriate Behavior at the Library at 11:30 AM 
Land Ho! At the MARC at 2:45 PM (LANDH24MA)
Hellion at the Library at 5:30 PM
They Came Together at the Eccles at 9:45 PM (THEYC24CN)

Saturday the 25th

Rudderless at the Eccles at 9 AM
Dear White People at the Prospector at 11:30 AM (DEARW25PD)
Happy Christmas at the Library at 2:30 PM (HAPCH25LA)
Laggies at the Egyptian at 5:45 PM
Love is Strange at the MARC at 8:30 PM (LOVEI25MN)

Sunday the 26th



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