Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Sundance Secret - CRUNCHERS.

How does one stay awake through 50 movies in ten days?
How does one find the time to eat?

These are two dilemmas facing me for which I have found, over the years, but one solution. And it's contained in a tiny ziploc baggie.

CRUNCHERS! That is - healthy to not-so-healthy snacks eaten slowly throughout the day, during movies, to keep me awake.  Something to bite on that keeps me awake and ensures that I actually find the time for fuel.  It's day six? Feeling like a miniature nap during the second hour of a "deliberately paced" drama? No problem.  Out come the pretzels.   Or the gummy bears. Or, okay, some carrots, mom.   Instant jolt of energy. Also, yums. 

Here's this week's stash all ready to go.   

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