Monday, January 20, 2014

First 20 Films of Sundance

Here's everything I've seen, and how I'd rate it on a ten point scale.

1. The Green Prince (8)
2. Dinosaur 13 (5)
3. Whiplash (8)
4. Stranger By the Lake (7)
5. God's Pocket (3)
6. To Kill a Man (6)
7. The Guest (7)
8. Frank (7)
9. Obvious Child (8)
10. Drunktown's Finest (6)
11. God Help the Girl (6)
12. To Be Takei (6)
13. Dear White People (7)
14. Fed Up (5)
15. Happy Valley (7)
16. Life Itself (10)
17. Boyhood (7)
18. Calvary (8)
19. What We Do in the Shadows (7)
20. The Foxy Merkins (7)

Some random thoughts:

It's been a great festival so far. To be 20 films in and only have two movies I gave a 5 or less rating to is pretty awesome, if you ask me.

I haven't had a six movie day yet, and I won't have one today either. This is most irregular.   Also unexpected is that despite my slower pace, I'm definitely feeling tired (though I haven't fallen asleep in a movie once).

Some strangeness - one day I saw two movies where a body was stored in a refrigerated truck. Another day I saw two movies where characters attempt to scatter ashes and end up scattering them on themselves.  The next day, I saw two movies which feature Katie Couric in some way.  

My favorites are Life Itself, Whiplash, Obvious Child and Whiplash.  So much more to see though - another 30 films left to see before my Sundance experience ends.

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  1. I came to see if God Help the Girl made your list and became preoccupied with how much of this score distribution is about how you, personally, use a 10-point (or is it 0 to 10?) scale vs. tgis year's Sundance crop vs. the mix of documentaries to scripted (and maybe that's not the right antonym) and then I remembered I've had 3 hours of sleep in 2 days. How's the weather this year? Katie Couric is the new asteroid crashes into the earth.