Monday, September 10, 2012

#TIFF12 - My Thoughts on Watchtower, Ginger & Rosa, Eat Sleep Die, Mea Maxima Culpa, Yellow, etc

The dreaded (who am I kidding - the anticipated!) #TIFF12 six movie day has concluded, with mixed results, as follows.


I've never been to Turkey and I can't say I've seen all that much Turkish film, but this beautifully shot, intimate film made me want to change all of that.

It's a familiar enough premise - two broken people, strangers in a wayward town, working through their inner demons. A chance opportunity for redemption brings them together in a dramatic and ultimately satisfying conclusion. See it if you get the chance!

Ginger and Rosa

This movie made its way onto my list by virtue only of it being the most convenient film to see in its time slot. Thank goodness for that, because wow, what a good one. That Elle Fanning is not fooling, y'all.

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

Alex Gibney's new documentary, which dives into the personal stories of three adults who were abused as children by priests at a Catholic school for the deaf in Milwaukee, in the context of the broader history of scandal and cover-up at all levels within the Catholic church. It was a fine film, and made me think a lot about what I think of organized religion (frankly, very little).

Eat Sleep Die

Swedish. Great. One of the better films within the "here's a cast of non actors doing basically nothing but going about their daily lives" genre. This time, involving the a group of immigrants after they've been laid off from jobs at a local factory. In particular, a spirited young woman and her increasingly dependent father. I'd say this film features one of the most interesting, rich and dynamic characters I've seen in a long time. I wish this character, named Rasa, was real - I'd have a lot of fun hanging out with her.


I'm not sure I like experimental film, overall. Say what you will about a blanket statement like that, but this film was really not for me. I get that it was meant to push boundaries, be inventive, make no sense, follow no preset structure, whatever. Was it also supposed to be poorly acted? I had a very hard time sussing out what choices were just really bad acting/writing and what choices were intentionally fucked up/jarring. It's very possible that this is a brilliant piece of art and I am just a philistine. I and the six other people I saw walk out of the theater (not counting the three fourths of the audience that was behind me and from whom I would not have noticed any walk-outs).

I will say it had a stunning soundtrack and that I am glad that we live in a world where a movie like this can exist and be seen. Even if it was really not enjoyable.


As much as I love Midnight Madness and had a nice time with my friend, I did not find too many redeeming qualities in this movie, I'm afraid. Maybe I was just real tired after a six-movie day. Who's to say.

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