Friday, September 21, 2012

Fantastic Fest is the Fest for Me

Ignoring the minor detail about my being a relatively new fan of genre films, I'm ready to pledge my allegiance to this wacky, booze-soaked, friendly as a barrel of monkeys film festival. And I have yet to take in a single movie.

Landed safely in Austin at midnight after someone on my flight nearly kicked it. Thankfully medical folks were waiting as we landed and I made my way albeit delayed, to the High Ball where costumed gents were all to happy to serve me vodka cranberries til the midnight movie got out. At which point I tried in vain to make it to my Airbnb on foot.

I wound up back at the Drafthouse where I found myself face to face with a number of Twitter pals for the first time, as well as making the acquaintance of some new friends in the meantime.

Thanks to JC I made it to my Airbnb safe and sound and I am hangin' out here, winding down and trying to convince myself to wake up at 10 to reserve tomorrow's movies. Which in fact I still need to choose.

Yay film festivals! Yay Fantastic Fest!

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