Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off with two of my favorite things - drinks with @ninjaworrier, and high quality Israeli cinema.

Tribeca started today! That means my pal @ninjaworrier is in town, as evidenced below.

For a film festival that's in my backyard I tend to under-attend year after year.  A few screenings here or there, sure, but I am usually terribly distracted when it's Tribeca time.  This year I'm not fucking around, though.  I have 20 tickets, including two (one for me, one for John) for Take This Waltz. 

The first film of the festival for me was YOSSI which is the "10 years later" sequel to the Israeli groundbreaking gay army drama YOSSI & JAGGER which I liked.  I might have loved this one even more, though. 

It's a decade after the events that ended Yossi's tender two-year romance with his fellow officer in the Israeli army.  He's going through the motions of a life and medical career but past events have left him a lonely and scarred man, until one day a patient with a familiar face happens to come into his hospital, stirring up feelings he's forced to face.

So sweet, so moving, so intimate, heartbreaking, hopeful. Great music including Keren Ann (paging Shiri!) and some good classical stuff too.  I was totally lost in this guy's world for an hour and a half,

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