Thursday, April 19, 2012

Full Frame Wrap Up Post

I made my third visit to Full Frame last week, meaning I've attended 20% of their festivals since it was their 15th year.

I dare say it was my favorite in terms of film quality though we know it just means I got lucky with my choices.

"After the jump" as they say, I will post snapshots, movie list and favorites, oh my.

All the movies I saw at Full Frame:


Eating Alabama
Jesse Owens
Beauty is Embarrassing
The Waiting Room
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
Intimate Stranger
Herman's House
Radio Unnameable
How to Survive a Plague
First Position
Escape Fire
Trash Dance
Mr. Cao Goes to Washington


Kiss the Paper
Needle Exchange
Translating Edwin Honig: A Poet's Alzheimers
Santa Land
Fanuzzi's Gold

Again, I didn't see anything I disliked, which is virtually unheard of at any film festival.  And there were a few I quite loved.  Highlights were:

Radio Unnameable - a glimpse into the career of local legend radio DJ Bob Fass, and a wonderful NYC story I did not know

Beauty is Embarrassing - a quirky, hard-working, very human, uplifting and FUNNY portrait of artist Wayne White

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet - one of several docs that made me feel so lucky to be alive but so in awe of the strength of others.

Samsara - Never have I more wanted to get out of my seat and just go traveling. The second the credits started rolling I started cataloging all the beautiful things I have to see still in this life.

How to Survive a Plague - Wow, what a movie.  Don't fuck with NYC gays - they're smarter and tougher than you could even imagine, and this movie shows how their tenacity and mobilization directly contributed to advancements in AIDS treatments


  1. Awww I haven't seen it yet but I'm pretty sure my sister is in that Jason Becker movie, she used to date him

  2. Oh interesting! They spend a lot of time on his caregiver and exfiance, and they acknowledge other girlfriends past but I don't know that they show any interviews with other ones. They show one blonde which was his current girlfriend at the time of filming anyways. Really pretty blonde woman. The movie is very very good!

  3. Yeah thats my sister, she was still dating him when they filmed! I am really looking forward to seeing it

  4. Nice! She had a bit of screen time - a few shots at least, I can't remember if they aired much of an interview. They showed her long enough for me to think "wow that girl is gorgeous."