Thursday, March 8, 2012

SXSW Links & Lists


I'll be doing more than my fair share of keeping Austin Weird starting tomorrow night. 

What am I looking forward to most about SXSW?

  • DRAFT. HOUSE.  Happy place X 1000, so seriously the best movie theater chain in the world
  • Not working. I love my job (usually) but it's really been quite the month there, since returning from Sundance.   Vacation. Now. Please.
  • People-watching.  I'd say pointing and laughing too but I'm a decent human being ,so.
  • Seeing my friend Audrey. OH WAIT NO SHE'S NOT COMING GODDAMMMNIT
  • Oh yeah - movies.  I hope to see between 30-35 movies, and my plan is to focus on narratives since I'll be drowning in documentaries next month at Full Frame.
  • Also the Alamo Drafthouse.
Next, through the wonders of Twitter, I've come across a few solid links about what's playing at SXSW that's worth my time. Since I'm not a writer, I'm all to pleased to link to these instead of making my own list of what I want to see.

The cool cats at Film School Rejects list their 16 must-see films
Indiewire's comprehensive list with links to their coverage + official sites
Several TwitchFilm writers list their top picks Top 25 SXSW

Lastly my friend linked me to this post about what to pack for SXSW and it made me laugh a little.  Soooo glad I'm not a girly girl.

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