Saturday, March 24, 2012

LAS ACACIAS at New Directors New Films (#NDNF @momafilm)

#NDNF Has Started!

My faithful readers (all two of you - hi @lousypictures, Hi @soOus) will recall that one of my movie goals this year was to visit the theater at MoMa. I HAS DONE THIS!

Even if I hadn't joined the MoMa this week for $70, I would have had my first visit this week to the movie theater at the Metropolitan Museum of Art anyway, because this week, the city is playing host to the New Directors New Films series at Lincoln Center and MoMa.

So, this Saturday, March 24th, marked my very first visit to the movie theater at the MoMA.  It similarly recommended my first screening at #NDNF.

I've bought a few tickets and I plan to add to my slate as I go along, @kenjfuj style.

My first film was one called LAS ACACIAS  I likely chose this one because it is Argentinian, and I like Argentina.

This movie took place over the course of two or three days. I would not call it a gripping and edge-of-your-seat shoot-em-up sweat-inducing story.  This one was about as subtle as it gets.  And by subtle, I mean slow as fuck but ultimately with the depth of character that you look for out of a little movie like this.

A truck driver begrudgingly transports a rural young mom and her infant child from Paraguay to Buenos Aires.  Now you know the beginning, middle, and end of this movie. But you don't know how authentic, how "slow because that's kind of the pace at which life moves" the narrative was, how innocently at least half of the audience sighed at the sweetness of the infant featured on film.

The film is virtually free of dialogue, especially during the first 30-minutes. I was cross about this for a while, until I realized the rest of the story used this believable silence to build a relationship that peeks through the quiet, dances around the warranted awkwardness and annoyance, and ultimately pays off in a way that will leave you wanting nothing more than to move to South America and give birth to the cutest, sleepiest, sneeziest Argentinian babies.

Or maybe it's just me. Regardless - if you've had some coffee, this is a rich, sweet, deep little story that deserves to be told.

::: BRB pricing flights to BA:::

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