Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nonfics Best Documentary Poll

I did not participate in this poll that @nonfics conducted on the Best Documentary of 2013 as it was amongst filmmakers and film critics and I am neither.

But I will happily tell you what I think.

Here are the top ten thoughts that went through my head as I was reading this list.

1. Oooh look! The film my handsome boyfriend directed is #36 on the list because 27 smart people two people highly mentioned it in their list.  Maybe I should think about tweeting about that film one day so my friends know that I recommend it.

2. Leviathan? Really? C'mon.  (Disliked. Super-naptimes)

3. On account of my laziness I have only seen 41 of the 85 docs listed which means I need to march straight to Netflix and get to watching.

4.  A whole lot of people really need to watch Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story.  #85 on that list? Two mentions? Major miss, everyone else!

5. GAHHHHH I need to see The Square already.

6. Blahfish. (Even still, eff you, SeaWorld)

7.  There were not 9 films of any genre better than 20 Feet from Stardom this year. There were maybe two. And one of ranked #1 on this film.

8.  Just as soon as I figure out how to freeze time, I need, need, need to watch 56 Up. And the other films in that series that preceded it.

9. Blood Brother. No. Why. No, no, no. Guys. No.

10. Museum Hours is a documentary? What am I missing? Am I actually crazy and everyone else is totally sane? What is going on?

Eventually I will get around to posting my top ten docs of the year.  I promise. One day.


  1. Thanks for the response to the poll. One clarification: the number is not how many people mention it but a point system based on where it was on someone's list. I think Rewind This! is only on two lists, but beloved on those lists.

    1. Ahahaha. Wishful thinking. :) Thank you for the clarification... still very awesome!