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15 Signs You Should Download Rewind This! on iTunes and Tell Everyone You Know to Do the Same

You have a choice when it comes to the entertainment you consume.  With ever-growing options for how to spend your precious time, wherever can you turn for straight answers about what to watch?

Never fear, y'all, I've got your back with a handy list:

15 Signs You Should Download Rewind This! on iTunes and Tell Everyone You Know to Do the Same

The badass Rewind This! poster
15. You were alive in the 1980s

Rewind This! is a critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of home video.   Remember VHS tapes?  This film will take you back through the history looking at the forces that came together to create the technology, the impact it had on our enjoyment of content for years to come, and the culture that still exists around enjoying VHS.  Children of the 80s will delight in the memories that come flooding back while watching this

14. You get a kick out of supporting first-time independent film-makers.

This is the first feature film for Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell and Christopher Palmer (Director, Producer, and Cinematographer/editor respectively).  They made it on a budget that makes shoestrings look massive, with the support of their friends and a growing community of film-lovers-turned-friends who found their film through their successful Kickstarter campaign.    Stick it to the man, and support a movie made (far) outside of the system!

The creative team behind
Rewind This!

13. Friendship means something to you.

The tiny team who made Rewind This! began not as collaborators but first as a group of dear friends who actually met because of their passion for movies, and decided to make something together that indicated their interest in and love of film.  (And if you listen to the critics, boy did they succeed!)

12. You once owned the two-tape Titanic.

Don't lie.  The Internet knows when you're lying.

11. You love cats.

The filmmakers are cat lovers themselves and though the film does not heavily feature felines in any deliberate fashion, astute viewers will catch a handful of moments where cats are included in a relevant and humorous way.

10. Laughter is something in which you take pleasure.

It’s so funny, guys.  Trust me on this one.  At the screening I attended last month in Montreal, the crowd was laughing so hard that I was actually concerned that they were missing jokes.  Just wait til you get to the Corey Haim part.  Or the Bubba Smith exercise video.  I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night remembering a hilarious line one of the interview subjects says about Bubba Smith.   I’m serious. Giggles.

A still from Rewind This!
9. Pop culture history is your idea of a good time.

Do you like trivia? Were you totally all about the “pink” category  when you were playing Trivial Pursuit in the 80's? For that matter, have you played Trivial Pursuit?  Well then, my friend, Rewind This! is right up your alley.  Chock full of icons from a bygone era, this film will have you gasping “oh I forgot about that!” aloud at least three times, in the first 30 minutes alone.

8. You tend to trust Canadians.

7. You tend to trust critics.

Heard of that site called Rotten Tomatoes? It's the site that will tell you what % of critics liked a movie.  Rewind This! is currently enjoying a score there of 100%.  What’s higher than 100%, folks?  I’m not too good at math but I asked around and apparently the answer is nothing. It gets no higher. 

6. You’re not too sure about critics or Canadians, but you do regularly agree with the mainstream.
Sold -out Fantasia screening
of Rewind This!

If like me you have been burned before by critics (or Canadians for that matter), chances are you can agree at least to put your faith in big data – empirical, quantitative evidence.  Then, look no further than IMDB where thefilm is currently rated above 7.0.  (I mean seriously guys!)  Or yet again, Rotten Tomatoes which tallies reactions of moviegoers as well as critics, and currently gives Rewind This! a score of 90% among audiences.

A still from Rewind This!
5. You love movies.

Do you love movies? I suspect you just might.  So yeah. The people who made Rewind This! love movies too. That’s a big reason why they made one. And they made it about movies.   Every frame of Rewind This! will be a treat for your pretty eyeballs if you are movie person too.

4. You like Austin.

Rewind This! isn’t about the Austin film community exclusively, but a number of its most infamous characters do have their say on the topic of VHS.  Also, the folks who made the movie lived in Austin while they made it.

3. You like Brooklyn.

The filmmakers of Rewind This! live in Brooklyn now. Do you like Brooklyn? Do you live in Brooklyn?  Have you been to Brooklyn? Have you heard of Brooklyn?  Check out this movie, then, made by three of Brooklyn’s finest.  (That’s a name of a movie, too. But that one is about cops. These guys aren’t cops.)

2. Nostalgia makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

That feeling you get when a song comes on the radio that was popular when you were in high school? The wistful expression, the warm feeling of being enveloped in sweet memories you thought were long gone?  Yeah - you're gonna have that when you watch Rewind This! and it's going to last for a long time after the movie ends.

Here I am with Rewind
This! director Josh Johnson
1. You care about me.

Hi, I’m Dor.  I didn’t make this movie.   But, people I love dearly did make it, and I am awfully proud of them. I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me if you’d check it out.  Watch the trailer! Visit the website! Buy the movie!

The bottom line is this...

Rewind This! is now available exclusively on i-Tunes.  Follow @RewindThisMovie on Twitter or like Rewind This! on Facebook to stay up to date on the news about seeing the film in more markets, and be the first to hear about the plans to release it on home video!

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