Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sundance Awards Predictions

The Sundance Film Festival will give out its awards tonight.  

Since I am up to 47 films I feel uniquely qualified to predict the winners (though in fact I usually fail to correctly guess them).  So, here goes.

Here's what I think will win the big prizes (and this also, for the most part, how I'd wish it to go down, based on what I saw and liked). 

US Dramatic Grand Jury: Fruitvale
US Dramatic Audience Award: Fruitvale
US Dramatic Directing: The Spectacular Now

I selfishly hope that Aint Them Bodies Saints wins something so I get the chance to go see it tomorrow when they show the award winners.

US Documentary Grand Jury: After Tiller
US Documentary Audience Award: Twenty Feet From Stardom
US Documentary Directing: Narco Cultura (I haven't seen it) or Cutie and the Boxer

I hope that Narco Cultura, Manhunt and Blood Brothers take something so I can see them tomorrow.
I would also love to see Valentine Road recognized in some way.  

World Dramatic Grand Jury: No idea. 
World Dramatic Audience Award: Circles
World Dramatic Directing: Lasting

I have only seen five here. I hope something wins Grand Jury that I haven't seen yet. 

Best of Next: This Is Martin Bonner 

I saw all of the films in this section except for two, so I do sort of selfishly wish that one of them (A Teacher) wins so I can see it tomorrow.

I don't know what might win World Documentary because I have only seen one of them.  The ones I'd like to see still are The Moo Man and The Square. 

If I could, I'd give out some special jury awards too:

Ballsiest Production: Escape from Tomorrow
Best Editing: Twenty Feet from Stardom
Debut Performance: Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) and Paul Eenhoorn (This Is Martin Bonner)
Best Comeback: Gaby Hoffman (Crystal Fairy) 

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