Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Ones that Got Away

As I prepare to write some kind of summary post wrapping up all my cinematic adventures this year (a top ten list, sure... but  more) I am reminded that despite the high octane film consumption these past twelve months, there were a handful that simply slipped between my fingers.
Here's my list of movies I meant to see and just didn't manage.  I am aware that oceans separate some of these in terms of quality. Nevertheless, they were either at one point high enough on my list that I still want to see them despite bad reviews, or never made it onto my radar, but now need to be:

A Royal Affair
Almayer's Folly
Being Flynn
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel
Girl Walk//All Day
Killer Joe
Lola Versus
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Sing Your Song
The Bay
The Color Wheel
The Flat
The Grey
The Turin Horse
This Is Not a Film
To Rome with Love
Walk Away Renee

I would say that the three I want to see before any other are This Is Not a Film, Killer Joe and Girl Walk//All Day.  This Is Not a Film is the only documentary on the shortlist that I have not seen, which is pretty embarrassing considering it played for a long time at the Film Forum just down the street from my apartment.

I welcome comments shaming me for not seeing some of these, or steering me clear of some of the bad ones.   I particularly encourage comments advising me how I can see This Is Not A Film immediately.


  1. I missed so many well regarded movies this year I can't judge other than to say your list is shorter than mine. I CAN say I'm in the tiny minority of people who hated Color Wheel and The Grey. Loved Killer Joe and would happily sit down and watch Exotic Marigold Hotel with my mom or grandmother if either were still alive.

    If Seeking a Friend and Lola Versus were human beings, I'd be tempted to punch them in the balls (if I was a violent person I would)

    As the snobs say, To Rome With Love is "minor Woody Allen" but it's still Woody Allen and I believe bad Woody Allen is a good thing.

    I think I'm done here. Did I respond to your facebook question in an amusing and entertaining way? (I gave up being right long ago and will now settle for amusing people I like)

  2. I would say Once Upon a Time in Anatolia since it is on so many year end lists. The problem is that it is so long. I took it out from the video store, but can't get through it.
    Next up I would put This Is Not A Film, A Royal Affair & Killer Joe, all of which I need to see too

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