Friday, November 30, 2012

Movies I need to see

No matter how many movies I see, I always seem to be behind on key titles!

Here's what's on my must-see list for this weekend, in order of urgency.   I've got to accept that I may just not fit them all in, I'm afraid.

  1. Middle of Nowhere
  2. Skyfall
  3. Killing Them Softly
  4. Anna Karenina
  5. All the Romanian movies playing @FilmLinc except those I’ve already seen
  6. A Royal Affair
  7. Walk Away Renee
  8. The Flat
  9. Hitchcock
  10. Rise of the Guardians
  11. Lincoln again
  12. Cloud Atlas again

The sheer size of that list is grounds for requiring at least a four-day weekend.    Gonna go work on trying to figure out how to stop time. 

In the meantime, suggest revisions to the order of that list and/or let me know if you want to join me!

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