Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get excited, New York! @DOCNYCFEST tickets go on sale soon.

I've been looking forward to Doc NYC since egregiously missing it last year for AFI.  Here are the docs I'm going to see.  Pretty psyched about it.  Open to comments.  Pretty embarrassed to have missed a few of these at 2+ other festivals (Ethel, West of Memphis especially).

Am MOST excited about No Business Like Show Business 'cause it's about yodeling which I think is kind of cool.  And Central Park Five which I was super sad to have missed at TIFF.   Also Drivers Wanted, since it's about NYC cab drivers and I tend to love to watch documentaries about things that are part of my daily life, since it usually means I never think of them the same way again.

My tentative schedule, to make things very easy for my myriad stalkers:

11/9 6:45 Ethel (SVA)
11/9 12 AM Bettie Page Reveals All (IFC)
11/10 11 West of Memphis (SVA)
11/10 1:45 Oma & Bella (IFC)
11/10 4:15 Fight to Live (IFC)
11/10 7 PM Shenandoah (IFC)
11/10 9:45 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (SVA)
11/11 2:15 Drivers Wanted (IFC)
11/11 4:45 No Business Like Show Business (IFC)
11/11 7:15 A Girl and a Gun (IFC)
11/11 9:30 Turning (SVA)
11/12 7:00 Family Ties (IFC)
11/12 9:15 Code of the West (IFC)
11/14 7:45 Eddie Adams: Saigon ’68 (IFC)
11/14 9:30 Home Movies & Other Memories (IFC)
11/15 7:00 Central Park Five (SVA)
11/15 9:45 Portraits (IFC)

Tomorrow I will post a long thing I typed out about the great movies playing Doc NYC that I have already seen, that everyone else needs to see. 

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