Monday, May 7, 2012

Embarrassingly untimely Tribeca Film Festival thoughts:

Before I forget about Tribeca entirely I wanted to jot down some of my impressions of this year's fest.

Full list is below, but you'll see that my absolute favorites were YOSSI and TAKE THIS WALTZ.   That latter of course is my favorite EVAHHH OMG. Should I shut up about it for now? Will I ever?

It was a fine year for me and Tribeca. I saw 17 of the 19 movies I planned. I ran out of steam at the end, which is none too surprising considering the challenge of working full time, then movies on nights and weekends, plus a few extra-curriculars.

The year belonged to Alex Karpovsky, who directed Rubberneck, starred in Supporting Characters, and had a guest-starring role on Girls premiering just before Tribeca.

Notable for me was the fact that I really disliked the film that won the Audience Award.  Called ANY DAY NOW. This almost never happens. Jury awards - sure. That's a crapshoot, c'mon.  But the audience? I mean. That's me. Who am I if not the audience.  If anything, I typically find an autience award winner good but overrated. At worst. But this one? Nearly walked out.  I found it sappy and its characters painfully one-dimensional.  I don't begrudge anyone for liking it, because there's no denying it had a good heart. 

All my Tribeca films:

Yossi (9)Rubberneck (6)Supporting Characters (7)Babygirl (5)The Revisionaries (7)A Better Life (6)Jackpot (7)Take This Waltz (10)Sleepless Night (8)Off Label (4)Caroline and Jackie (5)Russian Winter (5)Resolution (8)Side by Side (7)Any Day Now (3)First Winter (8)Down East (7)

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